About Us 

We are a strategic growth consultancy

We combine growth funnels and growth loops 

And call them "Growth Foops" - yes that is a real thing

Nur die Kombination aus Funnel und Loops - Foops - bringen maximalen Wachstum

We generate growth systematically

  • We advise smaller and larger companies on how to generate more growth systematically from strategy to operational alignment 
  • We steer test and execution as growth project leaders
  • We provide talent/agency auditing and match making
  • We offer test and scale-up execution support
  • We help int'l growth agencies to execute projects in Germany
Thorsten Strauss - growth hacking seminar

We apply advanced growth hacking methodologies

  • Improve current performance
  • Optimise funnels
  • Analyse growth potential
  • Develop new growth ideas 
  • Build growth loops 
  • Train teams on growth methodologies
  • Test new concepts
  • Test new campaigns
  • Test new channels
  • Set up new tools and automation as needed
  • Provide project management 
  • Secure execution performance 
Thorsten Strauss speaking engagements

We are senior experts

  • Have management or C-level experience
  • Team leadership experience
  • Project management experience
  • Have hands-on execution capabilities
  • Multinational corporate experience
  • Mid size (SMB) experience
  • Start-up / scale-up experience  
  • U.S. and Europe 
  • Top MBA and growth training in U.S.

Official Partner of growthhackers.com

For anyone who wants to run tests and experiments across the entire customer journey in a systematized way. And never want to lose sight of an opportunity again.

We support the software that helps you to achieve more focus, speed, and alignment in the growth process.

Start with an audit to discover your growth potential 

We delivery growth from audit to execution

growth audit


We review your strategy to execution alignment.

Then we walk through your funnel including all channels and identify quick-wins as well as substantial growth potential.
Growth Audit

Quick Wins

Sometimes, you just need a performance boost. 

We provide fast, pragmatic, easy to implement quick-win scans of your channel or conversion funnel. If needed, we implement these quick-win for you. 
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In addition to quick wins, we work with you to create a data-driven, holistic growth marketing strategy.

We support you with individual consulting - matching your goals and challenges.


Through training, coaching and consulting, we help you to successfully apply the know-how and methods in the long term and to build up the necessary processes, structures and technologies.

Happy clients of all sizes and industries

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Who is part of the team

Thorsten Strauss - Official Profile Picture - Hello Growth_1

Thorsten Strauss (Co-Founder)

Growth, Digital, and Omnichannel Marketing Consultant since 2010. Previously was CMO in B2C and Global Marketing Director in B2B. Expert in strategy and operational alignment,  growth marketing, and  consumer behavior. Adjunct professor and University lecturer. 
Max Ruediger - Official Partner Picture - Hello Growth

Max Rüdiger (CTO Partner)

Max is the founder of Casble and partner of Hello Growth. As external CTO he supports Hello Growth in all strategic coding and development aspects. He graduated from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, in (B.Sc.) Online Communication, with a focus on Corporate Learning, and completed this with distinction. 

We scale and staff individually for each project

Hello Growth can call upon several national and international strategic partners and freelance experts to provide the optimal solution. Our network is our asset. Currently we have a total of 6 niche expert agencies and serval freelance experts in our network.

We also develop growth teams for clients

We are also capable to define, source, brief, steer and manage performance of new growth teams, in case a client wants support building up a new growth team or filling niche positions.

Execution support (if needed)

On operational level we mainly secure success through project management and thus are happy to work with the client's existing agency setup. If needed, we can also provide the following execution support through our network of partners: 

  • Asset creation
  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation
  • CRO Expert
  • Development 
  • SEA
  • SEO 
  • Performance Marketing
  • PPC
  • Video Creation

Start with an audit to discover your growth potential